We perform the following types of masonry restoration

Masonry and masonry restoration is an art. It requires considerable experience, and a talented craftsman's hand to do the job correctly. Choose a mason with gray hair or no hair!

Quality Brick and Stone Restoration restores walls, foundations, steps, stonework, patios, pavers, lintels, hardscapes, entranceways, chimneys etc.

We are well-equipped in expertise, tools, and materials to protect your investment. Professional masonry restoration ensures the longevity and beauty of your property. We are experts at matching brick, stone, and mortar colors.

Whether you have a brick home built in the last twenty years, or a significant historic property, give your project a quality solution by Quality Brick and Stone Restoration.

Repointing & Crack Repair

Grind out old mortar joints and replace them with new mortar.

Mortar Color Matching

Custom mix mortar colors consistent with your existing masonry.

Hardscapes, Pavers, Flagstones

Repair loose, broken, sunken, or raised pavers and hardscapes.

Stone Veneer

Repair or replace natural or manufactured stone veneer.


We fix cracked or leaking chimneys.

Cleaning, Sealing, Caulking

We restore and seal existing masonry against water penetration.

Structural & Lintels

Masonry structural damage may be dangerous or worsen if not repaired.

Dimensional Stone

We are recognized experts in any type of dimensional stone replacement.

Brick Matching

We locate bricks to match your existing masonry.

Quality is our name because quality sets us apart.