Quality Brick and Stone Restoration is the central North Carolina "go to" for restoration of brick, stone, or concrete pavers and flagstones. Pavers and flagstones may be set in a proper bed, in sand, or in the bare soil. Alternatively, pavers and flagstones are sometimes set in concrete. Whatever the original method of installation, Quality Brick and Stone Restoration can restore your hardscapes.

Typically, it's less expensive to restore your pavers than to replace them. If they are in good structural condition and you're not tired of the color or pattern, they can be restored to look great again.

It's important to consider the base and how it was originally constructed, but in most cases though, we can successfully repair and restore most paved areas even if the base is not perfect. This will give you many more years of enjoyment for a lot less expense than a total rebuild.

Our Process:



Replace Sand


Loose, broken, sunken or raised pavers are not only unattractive, but they can also cause injury. Often, these areas indicate existing problems in the base material that must be repaired. Over time the problems will become worse and require more intensive and costly repairs. We will repair and re-grade the base then reset the pavers to a uniform and consistent grade.

Over time, damaged or missing edging can cause pavers to spread, lift, sink and shift. Paver edging keeps the pavement in place by securing the edge and preventing the pavers from spreading. It must be installed properly to maintain the structural integrity of the entire paved area. Often this edging is raised, broken or nonexistent. We will install new paver edging if the existing edging is in poor condition or was never installed. The pavers in your patio or walkway are just one part of an interlocking system. This system includes the stone base, bedding sand, the pavers, joint sand and an edge restraint to contain the pavers at the perimeter.

It is common to see sunken pavers along the edges of raised patios and pool decks or steps that have settled and are loose or unstable. This is usually caused by improper construction or poor compaction of the base material when initially installed. We will deconstruct and rebuild these areas properly to help prevent failures from reoccurring. We may also re-glue or re-mortar any loose caps and stair treads.

Walls constructed of retaining wall block have a tendency to move over time, particularly if not built properly. Once a wall begins to fail, it will eventually fall over. We can rebuild these walls properly to help prevent these failures from reoccurring.

The joint sand between the pavers plays a critical role in the structural integrity of the paving system. It creates an interlock between the pavers preventing them from shifting. When cured properly, it hardens and eliminates loose sand on the pavers. Our technicians will thoroughly clear all the existing joint material then install new polymeric sand to your walk, patio, or driveway. The sand stabilizes and prevents erosion, as well as deterring weeds and insects.

We can can thoroughly clean concrete pavers, brick pavers, poured concrete, and natural paving stones. We use specialized cleaning equipment in conjunction with our specially formulated cleaners to penetrate deep inside the surface pores releasing ground-in dirt and contaminants. The process works without damaging or discoloring the pavers. It also brightens colors and enables the sealer to better penetrate the paver.

When the project is finished. We can apply a 15-year penetrating sealer.

Quality is our name because quality sets us apart.