Commissioning a Sculpture

Clients are considered partners in the creative process. Their patronage makes the works possible. The relationship of patron and sculptor is foundational. Clients receive solid investment value. The goal is always to provide more than is expected.

Together, we can inspire and create joy. Passion, perseverance, and experience ensure satisfactory results. Give us a call, let us know what you have in mind. We can correspond, sharing pictures, ideas, et cetera.
We meet, sit down. Ideas and sketches may be presented. Through correspondence and possible meetings we hone the desired characteristics of the proposed work. Should we agree to create a sculpture, we set a price and a delivery date. A down payment is tendered. The project begins.
Sometimes, if we've agreed and it is desirable, 3-dimensional models are made. The models may be plaster, foam, or digital.
The marble is found and delivered.
Passion, persistence and energy is employed in an unambiguous effort at creation of (the best possible!) masterpiece. And, not incidently, a work YOU understand & value.
Then, if you wish, we carefully deliver and install the finished sculpture at your chosen site